Naturism is a lifestyle in harmony with nature.

General Behavior Guidelines and Etiquette

Just like any other community of people, the Naturist community has its own set of behavioral guidelines and etiquette. Most of these are common sense and all are intended to provide a fun and quality environment for our events.

The Naturist community in general and CSN specifically is a family friendly organization and actions contrary to common sense family standards will not be condoned. Those curious about nudist gatherings might wonder how social interactions differ when one or both parties are unencumbered by clothing.

Some things to consider when joining one of our events:

  • Person(s) exhibiting offensive behavior will be asked to leave without refund of any fees.
  • No overt sexual activity is permitted including sexually laden jokes or stories.
  • Alcohol consumption must be kept in moderation.
  • Bring own beverages (an ice chest is also suggested)
  • The use of tobacco products of any type is prohibited, as is vaping and the use of cannabis.  
  • Refrain from conversational comments on another person's body or on specific parts thereof, whether meant as a sincere compliment or not. A good rule of thumb is not to make a comment at a communal nudity gathering that wouldn't be appropriate at a clothed social event
  • Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places -- A big misunderstanding prevalent among non-nudists is that nudity means sex. That is actually the misconception about the lifestyle nudists have tried hardest to dispel for years. Make no mistake, nudist resorts are nothing like singles bars. Women especially do not go to nudist resorts to be hit on or picked up.
  • Bring a towel on which to sit.
  • You are expected to be nude unless:
    • You are cold or the weather is inclement
    • This is your first couple of events and need to acclimate
  • No photography
  • Cell phone use should be limited and the cell cameral should have a cover
  • Unless you know the other party and have permission to hug, a simple hand shake in greeting should suffice.
  • You do not have permission to touch another person.
  • No, means no!
    • You can look (this is normal), but don’t ogle or gawk.
    • People are vulnerable when they’re in the buff, so you want to avoid even the suggestion that you’re regarding them with cruelty or creepiness.
  • Unless other noted, a small activity fee is requested of each adult member attending a CSN function. Members bringing approved Guests are responsible for their event fees.
  • These guidelines are part of the full CSN Bylaws and may be subject to change by the CSN Board of Directors. A copy of the Bylaws may be obtained by written request.
  • Approved Guests and Visitors may attend three events, after which the individual shall make application to join CSN before attending further events.