Naturism is a lifestyle in harmony with nature.

Pool Party Rules and Etiquette

The standard things to bring to all CSN pool parties are:

  1. Personal items such as hats, sunscreen, sandals, sun glasses, etc.
  2. Two towels apiece (one for sitting and one for drying). You should always sit on a towel and it is never acceptable to sit on someone else’s towel. You may place your towel over another’s towel if you want to sit and visit with another person in a seat that is vacant.
  3. Your favorite beverages for the day and personal drinking cup if desired but no glass. Beer and/or wine are acceptable.
  4. Your personal chairs. The hosts usually have some chairs but not enough for everyone, and
  5. Most importantly, a potluck dish to share. This is your choice and it can be homemade or store bought. You can bring a main course, salad, side dish, or dessert. Some hosts supply a main dish so you can bring something that goes with the main dish. Some people have special dishes that they always like to bring. Please bring your dish fully prepared and do not expect the hosts to do any cooking, cutting, slicing, or carving. Providing serving utensils is also highly recommended. Chips, dips, and snacks are NOT usually a good choice to bring as a potluck contribution. We usually start the potluck early in the day and food is usually available all day long. We call it grazing. Dishes, forks, knives, spoons, and napkins will be furnished so you don’t need to bring these.

Our hosts open their lovely homes to us so please be respectful of their property. Please dry off completely before entering the home and clean up after yourself when using the bathroom or kitchen appliances. You should always ask for permission before using any appliances.

CSN rules state that there will be no smoking in the immediate area of the party but the hosts MAY designate an area for smoking away from the main group. If the hosts do not want smoking anywhere on their property, that is their desire so please conform to their wishes.

Always sign in and make an appropriate donation. We encourage people to bring guests but they should be properly screened prior to extending an invitation. It’s best to contact a club officer about this.

Finally, the main goal of CSN is to have a fun time with our nudist friends by enjoying good conversation, great food, and the fellowship of our members. Therefore anything that is contrary to these goals is strongly discouraged. Keeping this in mind we should always avoid doing or saying anything that will offend others in the group.

Remember: Always Stay Nude and Stay happy.